How to Install Homemade Stair Treads

Jan 18th

Stair treads – Making your own staircase is an interesting project that results in a unique accent for your home. When you build your own stairs, your choices of style, material and surface are not limited to what is in the iron trade. Once you’ve done stairs, it’s not hard to install them in your house. Check and double-check your dimensions when you build them so that you are not satisfied with an unpleasant surprise when the installation is complete.

Wooden Stair Treads
Wooden Stair Treads
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Place the first stair treads in place. Depending on what kind of staircase you have, this may involve pushing the hack into stringers or placing it on top of the edge of the ladder. Stringers are the diagonal pieces of wood that support the staircase. The tribes are the vertical wooden pieces that fill the gaps between the steps. Scanning under the stairs and drawing a pencil line at the bottom of the stairs, following the inner edges of the stringers and the ladder. Use a flashlight to see what you are doing.

Remove the stair treads and place it up and down on a workbench. Position 3/4 pieces of 3/4 inch wood to the bottom surface of the tread so that their edges align with the lines you pulled, with pieces of wood to the inside of the tread. The pilot hole should be 1/32 inch larger diameter than the screw threads. Only drill until the tip enters the tread, so that the screw will slide through the wood cleat but bite into the tread of the tread, pull two together tightly. Drill a hole for a screw was 6 inches along with wood button.

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