Homemade Spiral Stairs

Mar 22nd

Spiral stairs – Construct a homemade spiral staircase, you can match unique materials in your home or fabricate a design entirely in your own manufacturing. Spiral staircases, while seemingly simple design, can take on a variety of aesthetic appearances depending on the material chosen and how the handrail is designed.

Wooden Spiral Stairs
Wooden Spiral Stairs

Basic Spiral Staircase Design

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To make your home-made spiral stairs structural sound, take time in the choice of material for your middle bar. All the stairs will circle around this pole and the pole will put the aesthetic tone for the rest of the stairs. Steel posts offer the greatest structural integrity and have the smallest diameters. If you make a staircase for a tight space, every inch counts. In general, a steel post from 2.5 inches to 4 inches in diameter will provide ample strength. If you choose a wood center pole, a diameter of at least 3.5 inches to 6 inches is recommended depending on the type of wood.

Each spiral stairs will be mounted on a circular ring. This ring wills slide-mount over the center bar. You can insert circular distances across the pole between each stairway to give each stair distance it needs from the second staircase. Regardless of the spacer length you choose, be sure to insert them periodically so that your stairs have a smooth, graded quality.

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