Dog Stairs for Access Pet

Jan 17th

If you need to give your dog stairs access to his house or your house-you might consider either dog stairs or a pet ramp to let them in. Dogs and cats are relatively small, and dog stairs or a pet ramp can give them access to areas they would otherwise have to jump to reach. There are a number of questions you will need to consider when choosing stairs or a ramp for your pet. There are a number of things you must consider when attempting to give your pet access to the places you want to give your pet access to.

Stunning Dog Stairs
Stunning Dog Stairs

Stairs are a good choice for pets familiar with human steps. Be aware, however, that your dog must be agile enough to use them easily. They may not be ideal for old pets. If you have an older pet then, you should consider a pet ramp. When you go shopping for dog stairs for your pet, pay particular attention to the height (rise) of each step. Normal indoors and outdoors people stairs tend have a rise of 6.5 Inches to 7.5 inches; pet steps shouldn’t be any higher than that as your pet is considerably shorter than a human and you should not force them to have to jump.

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Depth of the dog stairs also matters. Not to belabor the obvious but your dog has four legs, not two, and may have difficulties with less depth. A good depth would be ten to twelve inches. Pet stairs have an advantage over a pet ramp in that they take up less floor or ground space to reach the same height. They can give your pet safe, compact and convenient access to wherever you want to let them go. If you are planning to put your pet stairs outside, consider stairs made of sturdier materials than you would for interior use. Stairs are excellent for giving your pet access to a dog door into your house, and are likely to confuse non-domesticated animals and thus decrease the likelihood your pet will be followed.

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