Cool Painting Basement Floor

Mar 6th

Painting basement floor – The paint cellar floor can be a very economical and environmentally friendly to add style and design. Instead of buying the other floor materials such as carpet, tile or laminate, you can only use the paint floors provide the look you want. Of course, it is always possible to simply paint a basement floor with a single color. But why stop with just one color when you can add cold painted design? If you have decided to try your hand at painting a design on your basement floor, here are some tips that can help you get started.

Wooden Painting Basement Floor
Wooden Painting Basement Floor

Prepare your painting basement floor is an important part of the painting. Especially if you will take the time to add a design, you want to make sure that you paint the work as durable as possible. First of all, make sure you don’t have the moisture problem in the basement. Does any waterproofing before you start painting basement floor? You also should mend the holes or cracks on the floor, using the concrete patch. If the floor was previously painted, be sure to use a scraper to remove any loose paint. Then, vacuum or sweep to remove loose dirt and debris. In many cases, applying a base coat of floor paint before painting your design is a good idea to produce better results has been completed. You should also follow the manufacturer’s instructions in terms of recording the floor or using a primer if necessary.

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After the floor is over, it’s time to have fun. There are many ways to paint the design on the painting basement floor, although some take a more artistic talent than others. If you want to paint an edge or a line on the floor, the first floor of the solid color paint and let it dry. You can then use adhesive tape or painters tape to mark the area for lines or boundaries. Use a paint brush areas not cove by tape. After removing the tape, you will have lines or boundaries with sharp edges. If you are using a different color to your lines, be sure to use a clean brush for each color, and avoid using two colors of paint right next to each other until one of the colors has dried. You can also use templates to paint interesting designs on the floor.

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